Some words of inspiration from clients and training partners;

“Neil is an excellent teacher with great expertise in the areas of strength and conditioning. He has coached the Rising Crane mixed martial arts team, and his programs have greatly improved their power, stamina and performance in the cage.

I would recommend Neil’s program to anybody who wants to be on the cutting edge of strength and conditioning, and who wants to achieve their full potential in performance and fitness.”

– David Rogers. Chief instructor ‘Rising Crane Centre’ and coach of six national martial arts champions. 

“I’ve been training with Neil for many years, and he is one of the best motivators I know. His workout routines, knowledge and understanding of the body is unparalleled. A very gifted personal trainer. As I write this my legs are aching!”

Andrew McMillan, Bedford

“I first met Neil at my local Kung Fu school and I was always inspired by his training regime. I’d been training at the gym doing the same old workouts for many years, I’m a very motivated individual and thought I was getting pretty good results. However when Neil decided to start Personal Training, especially using kettle bells, I was intrigued to see if I could achieve better results. Since training with Neil for several months my fitness and muscle mass has been improved way beyond what I’ve achieved in the past, he targets the exercises to my exact needs and weaknesses. My abilities in all my sports has improved dramatically – needless to say I’m over the moon!”

Lee Stevens